Floral and Still Life wall tapestries add a delightful touch and can brighten any room.  Belgian and French floral tapestries are known for their intricate designs, and most are reproductions of famous artworks. These colorful tapestries have always been a favorite to art connoisseurs.

Beauvais French Wall Tapestry
$419.00 - $829.00
Bouquet Dore Belgian Wall Tapestry
$285.00 - $409.00
Bouquet Flamand French Wall Tapestry
$232.00 - $389.00
Courson French Wall Tapestry
$489.00 - $979.00
Drape Fleuri French Wall Tapestry
$384.00 - $673.00
Floral Arch Belgian Wall Tapestry
$489.00 - $1,117.00



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