Belgian and French Tapestries

Belgian and French fine quality tapestries are a woven wall hanging that depicts a scene or famous painting. Tapestries were first developed in Europe to decorate castles and large churches. These tapestries are of the finest quality and are some of the most beautiful tapestries on the market today. They are widely sought by collectors and the antique world. They are woven using the finest materials and colored threads including gold, silver, and silk. These fine quality tapestries are made from only quality materials and artistry making them a desirable addition to a person’s home. 

A Mon Seul Desir I Wall Tapestry
$252.00 - $639.00
Acanthe Brown Wall Tapestry
$219.00 - $349.00
Acanthe Green Wall Tapestry
$219.00 - $349.00
Acanthus II Wall Tapestry
$222.00 - $468.00
Acanthus III Wall Tapestry
$222.00 - $468.00
Acanthus Wall Tapestry
$132.00 - $462.00
Aladin Wall Tapestry
$222.00 - $649.00
Allee De Monet Wall Tapestry
$185.00 - $287.00
Amalfi Arbor Wall Tapestry
$319.00 - $549.00
Ambrosius Bouquet Wall Tapestry
$179.00 - $399.00
Apollo I Wall Tapestry
$339.00 - $2,229.00
Apple Tree Klimt Wall Tapestry
$262.00 - $679.00



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